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Don’t let dust or dirt gather up in your home any longer. If you are in need of convenient and trustworthy cleaning services, look no further than Sonia's Professional Cleaning Service to make your home sparkle.


Our staff will also see to the little chores around the house as well. We do small tasks such folding your towels, wiping your furniture, restocking empty toilet paper holders and other tiny details that make your home's presentation complete.

Reliable residential cleaning

Kitchen and bathroom services

• Sinks, tubs, showers and Jacuzzis

• Wipe down all cabinets

• Scrub toilet, inside and out

• Shine all mirrors, chrome and tile

• Dust all shelves and fixtures

Make your home shine again with our trustworthy cleaning services

• Clean counter tops

• Wipe cabinets, table and chairs

• Clean microwave, inside and out

• Clean stove, drip pans, and burner grates

• Clean, dry and shine all appliances surfaces


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